Selected Publications in International Refereed Journals


Note: I have conducted research in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia, Iran and the United Kingdom



Azadegan, A., Srinivasan, R., Blomec, C., & Tajeddini, K., (2019Learning from Near-miss Events: An Organizational Learning Perspective on Supply Chain Disruption Response. International Journal of Production Economics, 216: 215-226 (download


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Note: Research funded by Tokyo International University, Japan.


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Note: Research funded by Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Sweden.


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Note: Research funded by Les Roches 


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Note: Review funded by McGraw Hill Education Publishers, 2007


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Note: Earlier version of this paper was nominated as one the best papers in the track of marketing strategy in the Academy of Marketing conference 2008)


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Note: Earlier version of this paper was nominated as one the best papers in the track of marketing strategy in the Academy of Marketing Conference 2006.


Tajeddini, K., Trueman, M., & Larsen, G. (2006) Examining the Effect of Market Orientation on Innovativeness, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.22, No. (5-6), pp. 529-551. (Taylor & Francis Group) (ABS3*) (download)